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Video for Vanity Fair on Trump's war with political correctness. Co-wrote/produced with Scott Calonico.

Story for VICE: I journey to New Hampshire to a tattoo parlor where they give out free Trump tattoos.

I interview Brazilian football legend, Ronaldo for VICE Sports

Video I co-wrote/produced for The Atlantic on the worst poet in Scottish history.


Story for VICE: Meet the writers who make presidents funny.

Latest video I produced for Out on media's failings for World AIDS Day.


I interview former #1 skateboarder in the world, Tas Pappas, for VICE Sports

I interview former #1 skateboarder in the world, Tas Pappas, for VICE Sports

Review of my latest solo show in NY Theater Guide.

Listen to Harmon on This American Life:


A story on me in Vogue

What Trump's Unhinged Fundraising Emails Say About His Campaign for VICE.

My Time as an Undercover Campaigner for Trump. Story in Ozy.

VICE story on how the media and White House failed the AIDS crisis in the 80's.