My stories have appeared in Vice, Esquire, National Geographic, Ozy, NY Observer, The Nation, Huffington Post, NPR’s This American Life, San Francisco Chronicle, Cosmopolitan, and Wired. Did I mention, I've also written seven books?

I've also worked leading the editorial staff for such companies as Wired, Dennis Publishing, Black Book, National Lampoon, and Future US.

Stories for VICE

An archive of 4 years worth of stories for VICE. Everything from infiltrating a Canadian staring cult to a stop at the First Heavy Metal Church of Christ - and other stories for VICE.


Obama’s Speechwriter Explains How Trump ‘Gives Wedgies’ Instead of Telling Jokes

I interview Obama’s former head joke writer on his take on the sense of humor of Donald Trump. Story for the NY Observer.


America Has a Tiger Problem

Story for the NY Observer on how easy it is to buy a live tiger off the Internet.


Keeping Jim Crow Alive in Georgia With ‘Exact Match’

How Georgia is using voter suppression to game the system against African Americans. Story for Who. What. Why.


NY Mob Murder Scenes Then And Now

Photo story I dd for All Things Interesting on the current locales of famous NY crime scenes.

The Very Last Word of Fred Phelps

Story for Esquire: I traveled to Topeka, Kansas to spend time with the infamous Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church.

Here Comes The Repo Man

Story from my book: Meet the Deplorables: Infiltrating Trump America. I ride along with a repo man as we repossess cars during a sluggish economy.

Pot Blocked  

I journey inside the world of the DEA and the drug war bureaucracy. Story for The Nation.

How Hard Is It To Get A Black Market Green Card?

I try to get a green card by mid-afternoon. How hard can it be? Story originally appeared in the SF Chronicle.

My Life As A Celebrity Scientologist

I check in to the Scientology Celebrity Center in Los Angeles - posing as a German pop star. Story originally  Story originally appeared in Maxim.

‘Muslim-Free’ Gun Stores Exemplify Trump’s America

Story for Vocativ on the rise of anti-Muslim gun stores in the age of Trump.

Inside the Sordid World of Conversion Therapy 

Posing as a confused gay man, I journeyed into the world of charlatans and religious conmen. Story for AlterNet.

My Dinner With White Supremacists at Applebee's

I infiltrate the world of white supremacists who try to recruit me at Applebee's. Story originally appeared in the SF Weekly.

That Smell of Death

I attend a crime scene cleaning school and learn to clean up after grizzly murders. Story from Meet the Deplorables: Infiltrating Trump America.



Interview with Ronaldo

I interview Brazilian football legend, Ronaldo for VICE Sports

A Lot Less Mayhem

I interview former #1 skateboarder in the world, Tas Pappas, for VICE Sports


Dolomite Biking: Are You Experienced?

Biking the Dolomites in Northern Italy and I end up crashing into a mountain. Story Originally appeared in The Huffington Post.

Tracking Wild Elephants in Borneo

Set float on the Kinabatangan River scouring the banks of the jungle in search of Borneo Pygmy Elephants. Story originally appeared in Playboy.