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Harmon Leon Book Release for: Tribespotting: Undercover (Cult)ure Stories

  • Quimby's Book Store 536 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY, 11211 United States (map)

Join comedian/journalist Harmon Leon (Vice, This American Life, MSNBC, Kennedy Center) for a multimedia extravaganza performance, direct from his sold-out show at the Edinburgh Festival  - featuring stories from his new book Tribespotting – on infiltrating cultural tribalism in America.

In his latest book, legendary infiltrator, Harmon Leon (goes undercover to explore the phenomenon of cultural tribalism in this divided America.

In his subversive infiltration style, Leon drastically changes his look, style, and attitude to go undercover and investigate – American subcultures in order to walk in their shoes and find out what makes them tick.


-A gathering of five thousand assault weapons fanatics

-White supremacists who recruit at Applebee’s

-A church for ex-hookers who walk the streets for Jesus

-A meeting of cult members who stare at their leader’s handsome face


-Wealthy American men who travel to South America on a mail order bride tour in search of trophy wives

-Christian wrestlers who body-slam for Jesus

-Yuppie freegans who dig through trash bins looking for gourmet food